Founder's sharingSmile with Confidence - Let Your Life Shine

    Smile Chen, the founder of Dongjie Biomedical, is known for her confident and smiling demeanor. Graduated from the EMBA Biomedical Group at National Chengchi University, she has been devoted to the medical industry for over 20 years. Recognizing the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and the extension of unhealthy bedridden years despite the increasing average life expectancy in Taiwan, Smile feels a strong sense of mission towards the health of her own family. Achieving business targets is no longer enough to fulfill her entrepreneurial dreams. Determined to build a team of a thousand management professionals, she focuses on professional guidance and health management in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Through the supplementation of key nutrients, she aims to achieve healing without relying solely on medications. Smile emphasizes, "We sell education, not products." The research and development team at Dongjie Biomedical places the family as the core focus, developing suitable nutritional supplements and establishing healthy dietary, exercise, and sleep habits for each family member. Through the guidance and motivation provided by management professionals, they not only assist others but also achieve personal success and wealth. Their goal is to foster self-confidence and let life shine brightly.

    Our VisionWe advocate healing without relying solely on medication.

    Dongjie Biomedical, driven by love and care, embraces the core concept of Eastern dietary supplementation. We combine Western medicine and scientific technology to focus on the research and development of "key nutrients" tailored to the needs of individuals of all ages. Our aim is to create highly effective products and realize the value of healing without relying solely on medication. Through team learning and collaboration, we strive to co-create a better life and share sustainable values. The precious wisdom of "food as medicine" has been passed down for thousands of years. Our commitment lies in promoting a "balanced diet and precise nutritional supplementation." Upholding the spirit of Eastern dietary therapy and integrating Western medical technology, we foster a healthy lifestyle concept of "self-assessment, self-management, and self-discipline" through the process of nourishing with healthy food supplements.

    Core Philosophy Without self-discipline, it is difficult to lead a fulfilling life.

    Behind every shining enterprise, there is undoubtedly a group of determined and persevering people. The core philosophy of Dongjie Biomedical lies in the belief that "without self-discipline, it is difficult to lead a fulfilling life." Our unique profit-sharing business model and the certification of management professionals enable us to provide consumers with professional and diverse health management services. Through companionship, we help individuals establish healthy habits, innovate through consumer experiences, and support each other's growth through collaborative learning. We gather a group of individuals who are committed to the growth of children and the health of their families to drive our mission. Through self-discipline in the aspects of eating, exercise, and sleep, combined with the supplementation of key nutrients, we aim to create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, bringing forth a new landscape in life.