"We were invited to participate in the 2023 Hornet Cup Football Championship, which was a fantastic opportunity for us to promote the concept of healthy growth with our children!


Throughout the competition, we witnessed our children's determination as they gave their all in each challenge. Whether under scorching sun or pouring rain, they demonstrated the spirit of athletes, which deeply touched us. Football requires a lot of physical stamina and quick reflexes, so we used reaction lights to test the children's agility. Jelly Go provides precise nutritional supplementation and encourages children to prioritize good sleep and recovery.


Our coaches introduced the three key elements of healthy growth to parents: a healthy diet, appropriate physical activity, and sufficient sleep. These three factors are essential and interdependent. Only when they are balanced can children grow healthily, becoming stronger and more confident!


Through our participation, we hope to bring positive influences to the children, allowing them to not only showcase remarkable performance in football but also achieve comprehensive development in terms of their health."


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